fddfsdsdTeam of Doctors
Orthognathic  & Craniofacial Surgeon
Aju  Oommen Jacob, M.D.S, FDS  RCS [England],
FFD  RCS [Ireland]

Maxillo-Facial Surgeon & Implantologist
Dr.Ram Mohan , M.D.S,

Periodontologist  & Cosmetologist

Dr.Devduttan, M.D.S

Dr. Nitesh Surayu, M.D.S

Dr.Binu Mani

Chief Resident Dental Officer
Dr.Sunitha Menon, B.D.S

Resident Dental Officer
Dr. Precy Kuriakose. B.D.S
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Dr.Isaac's Orthodontic Dental Hospital and Esthetic Research Center makes no compromise in quality cross infection control. We have the worlds best sterilization equipment (as per OSHA stipulations, Organisation of Sterlilisation in health Administration (USA). Moreover by wearing protective clothing including eye wear, our Dental Team follows the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines for “Universal Precautions” – a system for infectious disease control (USA). We strongly believe that any patients who receive dental treatment at our center should not contract other communicable diseases. So we use the disposable instruments and materials where ever possible.

Quality is our utmost concern.
Isaac’s Dental Clinic & Orthodontic Centre has the International Standard equipment and materials to maintain utmost quality in providing all kinds of speciality treatments.

“Creating Smile is our Business ” – “Flashing it, is Yours”

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